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About Us
Welcome To!
Bariatric Living is a local and online retailer of healthy and delicious products designed to meet the needs of pre and post-op weight loss surgical patients.  If you are getting ready for surgery or you are 10 years out, you've come to the right place!
Bariatric Living, based in Oakwood, GA was founded in 2008 with the purpose of providing bariatric patients, diabetic patients, or anyone engaged in a weight loss management program with the best customer service, product knowledge, largest selection of samples, and most tasty and healthy products all at an affordable price.
Currently Bariatric Living offers over 250 different items from brands including Syntrax Nectar and Matrix, Healthwise, Bariatric Advantage, OhYeah!, Any Whey, Isopure, Click, Devrom, ProtiZyme, Power Crunch, & Supreme Nutrition.  Bariatric Living is committed to changing your point of view regarding your daily protein requirement to a positive one as well as helping you meet your weight loss goals!
Our Mission
Bariatric Living is and will continue to be the most trusted source for weight loss nutrition products, delivering quality goods and services to customers across the USA.  We are committed to bringing a healthy change not only to our customers but also to our industry.
Our Team
Bariatric Living was born after our family was originally introduced to bariatric surgery when our mother decided to change her life once and for all.  We gathered together to support her, and learn as much as we could to encourage her and change our own well being too.  Not too long after her surgery we noticed a large supply of protein tubs collecting in her pantry.  When asked why she was buying so much she responded that none of it tasted good, and soon she would be off spending more money on another taste test.  While no one likes to waste money, we certainly don't during hard economic times like now.  We couldn't understand why no one would give us -or- sell us samples for her to try before she spent so much on these huge tubs.  That's when we, as a family, decided to create Bariatric Living and make a commitment to those patients who have also taken this step to improve their lives through bariatric surgery.
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Our Products & Services
Bariatric Living gathers information, tests products and reviews them with nutritional experts to make sure we carefully choose the best bariatric protein products for patients and the public.  Good nutrition and exercise are the key to staying healthy, strong, and full of energy.  We are excited that we have so many products to choose from.  We will always continue to be in search for new and exciting items along with always striving to provide 5 star service to our customers. We truly hope you enjoy your shopping experience!