SmartShake Slim Shaker Cup - 17oz - Neon Pink

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  • SmartShake Slim Shaker Cup - 17oz - Neon Pink



SmartShake Slim shaker cups are available in many colors allowing you to mix and match your own personal shaker by switching out its interchangeable parts. Match your clothes, shoes, mood, personality, and lifestyle. SmartShake gives you the freedom to carry around everything you need - ALL IN ONE UNIT! Wherever you go, bring along your SmartShake. Use its separate storage compartment on the bottom for protein, vitamins, locker keys, fruit and more. Collect all the colors to create your perfect shaker cup today!

Dishwasher safe, Microwave Safe, Freezer Safe, BPA Free, DEHP Free, Food Grade Approved

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9 Reviews

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    SmartShake Slim Shaker Cup - 17oz - Neon Pink

    Posted by Gleda Palazzolo on Feb 27th 2017

    I love the color and the size. don't care for the extra carry cup at the bottom. as narrow as the cup is it makes it top heavy easy to knock over. I also do not care for the shaker mixer it leaves chunks. I use the shaker with out the bottom and I sue one of my spring balls from another shaker

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    Posted by carrie carpenter on Sep 25th 2016

    Works great and looks cute

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    Not as big as I thought...but great color

    Posted by Christy Orr on Jul 8th 2015

    I love how slim the shaker cup is. However, the 17 oz is kind of misleading. I love to fix 16 ozs at a time of my protein shakes that way I can take two 8 oz protein shakes to work in one bottle. However, once you add your 16 ozs of water and the protein powder it doesn't fit. So if you are looking for a slimmer shaker cup this one is for you. If you want to do two 8oz protein shakes at one time in the same bottle this one is NOT for you.

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    Love the sifter, dislike the leaking when shaking

    Posted by JM on Jun 23rd 2015

    Perfect size, love the sifter and the powder mixes perfectly... I had it on very tight and the lid all the way closed, and it still leaked when shaking.

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    Great cup

    Posted by Bernadine Markey on Apr 19th 2015

    I like the shaker pink cup! Feminine for this diva. I make my shakes in the blender first then put it in this cup. I am aware that if I am away from home I can just make the shake easily.

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    Awesome Cup!!!!!

    Posted by Leianna Writebol on Mar 11th 2015

    This will make all day trips out much easier being able to carry my protein powder in the bottom and mix it with cold water when I'm ready for it so it doesn't sit all day and just get warm because I had to make it before I left the house. Great idea and I so happy I spent the money to buy one!!

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    I like them

    Posted by Loriann Gallagher on Feb 26th 2015

    Lighter cups are great so you can see the oz better. It would be even better is they were in black coloring. to read the oz. But they work very well

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    I want another one!!

    Posted by Laura Grant on Jan 2nd 2015

    Fab product, I want more !!! Not just for the kewl colors, but for their great uses. They mix better than some SUPER expensive ones!

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    Good deal!

    Posted by Audrey Russell on Dec 10th 2014

    Nice deal.

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